Startify wins Business Hero Award in the vision category!

The stars of tomorrow: company builder Startify has a flair for success

A symbiosis between start-ups and medium-sized businesses. The company Startify, founded in 2020, believes that both sides can learn something from each other and supports the building of the stars of tomorrow. For this, the consulting startup now receives a Business Hero Award in the Vision category.

Corporate Start-ups and Spin-offs

Benefiting from pooled knowledge. According to this motto, Startify accompanies the strategic development of start-ups in combination with medium-sized expertise The company does not leave innovation and progress to chance, but specifically supports startups on their way to becoming the medium-sized companies of the future.

Through targeted workshops on business fields and markets, cooperation between medium-sized family businesses and fresh start-ups, and a community that unites these goals, all entrepreneurs and visionaries involved benefit. Germany's small and medium-sized businesses are the mainstay of the economy and need innovative impetus, successors and globalisation to remain globally competitive. Startify has understood this and is therefore working with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Startify creates a collaborative ecosystem

What makes Startify special is the innovative exchange between two distant generations and the resulting mutual value creation. In this way, the founders and managing partners uniquely combine years of experience in dealing with leading medium-sized companies and tech start-ups. The best of both worlds!

The vision for the future: a collaborative ecosystem that enables innovation projects for SMEs. To this end, Startify is developing a cooperative-like investment company and can thus not be seen as a classic consultant, but as a company builder and co-entrepreneur.


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